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Albums: Beyond Belief (Petra)

Album Review

Last Friday, Girder records released remasters of Petra’s albums Beyond Belief (originally released in 1990), Unseen Power (1991), and Wake Up Call (1993).

I am less familiar with Unseen Power at the moment, but I am very familiar with Beyond Belief and Wake Up Call, which are both excellent albums.

In fact, I think Beyond Belief is one of my personal favorite Petra albums. It has a consistent bold rock sound throughout, with a couple of equally amazing ballads (“Love”, which I reviewed this past February, and “Prayer”).

Petra’s *Beyond Belief* Album Cover

I plan to review more of the songs from the album to showcase their awesomeness individually.

If I absolutely had to pick favorite songs, I would probably say that my top two – with equal status – are “Seen and Not Heard” and “Beyond Belief.” Although I also really like “Creed.” And “Armed and Dangerous”… Goodness, trying to pick a favorite song on this album is kind of like being told to pick a favorite child – it just should not be done!

Anyway, here is the track list:

  1. Armed and Dangerous

  2. I am on the Rock

  3. Creed

  4. Beyond Belief

  5. Love

  6. Underground

  7. Seen and Not Heard

  8. Last Daze

  9. What’s in a Name

  10. Prayer

I definitely recommend that you check it out!

Prayer Focus

  • Petra

  • Selena Gomez (Birthday: July 22, 1992)

  • Rebecca St. James (Birthday: July 26, 1977)

  • Mick Jagger, lead singer with the Rolling Stones (Birthday: July 26, 1943)

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What are your thoughts about Petra’s album Beyond Belief? Let me know!

Petra’s *Beyond Belief* Album Cover

  • Beyond Belief CD: Right now, you can order a physical CD of Beyond Belief from Girder’s website at https://girdermusic.com/.

Downloads and/or physical copies may also be available worldwide from your favorite online music store, at your local bookstore or thrift shop, or through your favorite online marketplace.

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