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About Rocking for Jesus

Hello! I’m Amanda Renée, and I am the station owner of Rocking for Jesus.

I have always loved music, and though I listen to a wide variety of music styles, Christian rock is definitely one of my favorites.

Two of my favorite bands when I was growing up were Petra and White Heart. Over the years, the list of bands I enjoy listening to has expanded, but Petra and White Heart are still at the very top of my list.

For years, I have dreamed of owning a Christian radio station. (Actually, I dream of owning several – like I said, I like a lot of different types of music!)

At some point I learned about Live 365, a website that helps individuals to start their own internet radio stations. It took several years for me to get it rolling, but I am thrilled to finally have this opportunity to share my love of Christian rock music with you, my listeners.

My music list is a work in progress; I still have songs I want to add (and there may be songs that I will eventually remove). Ultimately, I want my station to bring honor and glory to God – it is called “Rocking for Jesus” for a reason!

Currently, I am working with Live 365’s ad program and have minimal control over the ads. I don’t expect them to air anything that isn’t family-friendly, but if you hear anything questionable, let me know so I can contact them. Someday I will take over the advertising process and will have full control over the ads that are aired.

I certainly haven’t stopped dreaming – someday I hope to have a terrestrial outlet for my station as well. In the meantime, I am extremely grateful to be able to air my music online.

I’d love to hear from you! How did you find this station or this website? What are your favorite bands and songs? Do you have an interest in radio also? You can contact me here.

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Looking forward to hearing from you!

Rocking for Jesus with you,

Amanda Renée