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Welcome to my FAQ page!

I will update it periodically with information as needed.

How often do you post new content?

My current goal is to post new blog content every Wednesday.

How long have you been interested in radio?

A long time! I have been interested in radio at least since high school – perhaps even earlier. I have always loved music and thought it would be awesome to be able to choose my own music to air over the radio.

Can I listen to Rocking for Jesus on an app?

Yes, you can! You can listen through the Live365 app (see links below). Just download the Live365 Radio app through your app store, then enter “Rocking for Jesus” in the app’s search bar. You can then select the station and click play. Be sure to click the heart icon to save it to your favorites!

Here are the links for the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. My Live365 link is here, and Live365 lists some other ways to listen to the station here on their website – again, however you choose to listen, just search for “Rocking for Jesus” to locate this station.

Why aren’t you on social media?

To keep my answer extremely short, I don’t trust most of them, and I don’t have much time for the ones I (somewhat) trust.

That’s a fair question! The radio player is copied from the Live 365 website, and I am not aware of having any control over the share options.

That being said, I am aware that many individuals have social media accounts that they use to keep in touch with others – and I do not condemn them at all for that! I know many people that are grateful for the ability to keep in touch with their friends and family members through various social media options.

Consequently, since so many of my listeners most likely do have Facebook and/or Twitter accounts and prefer to share information through those channels, I am fine with the fact that my radio player has those share options on it.

In the same way, I enabled “share” links at the bottom of my posts just in case someone wants to share them through that option. If you like to share favorite blog posts via social media, go for it – I appreciate it! And if you are like me and don’t have any accounts either, you can always just share the hyperlink.

How am I supposed to keep up with your content if you’re not on social media?

I’m glad you want to stay connected! If you subscribe to my blog, you will get an email every time I post an article. That way, you can stay on top of my latest content.

Do you think you’ll ever change your mind and join any social media platforms?

Who knows? Maybe! There are a couple of platforms I might try, but like I said, I don’t really have the time right now. But if I do join any, I will definitely post their links for you. (I will probably also add an announcement to one of my emails to my subscribers.)