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Albums: Change Your World (Michael W. Smith)


Ah, it’s time to talk about another album that takes me back in time to good memories.

Change Your World was released by Michael W. Smith in 1992. I remember listening to it in the car for various car trips.

(I am so glad we had cassette and CD players in vehicles when I was growing up! I have so many good music memories from riding in the car as a kid.)

When I hear some of the songs on it today, they still bring back the feelings that I felt when I heard them so long ago.

Fun Fact: When I originally tried to purchase this album through a marketplace, I accidentally ordered the single “Picture Perfect” instead of the full album.

Fortunately for me, I was able to return it for a full refund because it stated clearly on the back that it was not an item to be sold. I learned to pay more attention to my purchase titles after that!

Michael W. Smith's *Change your World* Album Cover

About the Album

Change Your World has a lot of awesome songs on it (though, surprisingly, none of them are titled “Change Your World”).

You may recall that back in April, I reviewed the song “Cross of Gold” (one of my absolute favorite songs from this album).

Other favorites include “Picture Perfect,” “Color Blind,” “Out of This World,” and “Give It Away.”

Not to mention that it includes Smith’s famous song “Friends,” along with other great songs as well.

Music Style

Change Your World has a nice mix of energetic, “makes you want to dance” songs and “slow and sweet” songs.

I tend to favor electric guitars and drums in music, but I find piano pretty as well (as long as it isn’t overdone – that can get boring). And keyboards are a world of their own in the variety of sounds they offer. I love when an album has a perfect balance among the various instruments used on it.

Smith is an excellent piano and keyboard player, and this album had a great team of guitar and additional keyboard players as well.

The music production team did a beautiful job of “marrying” the piano/keyboards, guitars, and drums into a perfect mix.

A few of the songs also have some input and vocals from Toby McKeehan and the other members of DC Talk. This initially surprised me, but now that I know, I can definitely hear the influence – fun and funky.

Here is the track listing for the album:

  1. Picture Perfect

  2. Love One Another

  3. I Will Be Here for You

  4. Color Blind

  5. Somewhere Somehow

  6. Cross of Gold

  7. Out of This World

  8. Somebody Love Me

  9. Give It Away

  10. I Wanna Tell the World

  11. Friends

All in all, Change Your World is full of great music and great nostalgia.

I give it 4 glowing stars.

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What do you think of Change Your World? What is your favorite song form the album? Let me know!

Michael W. Smith's *Change your World* Album Cover

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