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(Updated October 18, 2023)

PetraRocksMyWorld.com is an awesome website created by Petra fan Josh Renaud.

Though the site itself is not connected with the band or its labels, Renaud has taken a lot of time to compile a site full of all things Petra.

Josh Renaud has a wealth of Petra information on his site:

  • Song lyrics

  • Information about Petra’s albums

  • Articles about Petra

  • Interviews with the band

  • Renaud’s past newsletters

I will inform you that a few of the links are no longer active:

  • The “Tell a Friend” link cannot be found.

  • The “Audio/MP3” and “Video” links currently have no content.

  • You can no longer sign up for Renaud’s newsletter. (This is understandable; it appears Josh discontinued the newsletter when Petra originally retired in 2005.)

However, considering the fact that I highly doubt that Renaud earns money from the site, I am grateful that he has kept it running even after Petra’s original retirement (especially since the band has done several reunion tours and is re-releasing their old albums).

I think it’s a great place to look at Petra’s work, ministry, and history. I hope Josh Renaud keeps it running far into the future!

I encourage you check it out!

Rocking for Jesus with you,

Amanda Renée

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