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My goal is to make this your home for Christian and Alternative Rock music (and some Christian Contemporary, too).

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My Radio Journey (Part 3): A Dead End

A dead end. I had researched online radio options, had established that Live 365 was my best current option, had begun preparing my music files and was mentally pr...

My Radio Journey (Part 2): A Detour

“Not yet.” This was God’s response when I prayed about going to college – a college I had hoped would help me pursue my dream to work at a radio station. Not yet?...

My Radio Journey (Part 1): The Beginning

I have always loved music. I don’t remember exactly when my interest in radio began – at least as early as high school, perhaps even before that. Regardless, I re...


Hello, welcome to the blog! I’m excited to share my thoughts on Christian rock songs, bands, and music. I plan to post every Wednesday on a variety of topics: ...