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(Last Updated: May 10, 2023)

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How I Found OrangeWebsite

I currently use OrangeWebsite, a company based in Iceland, for both my web hosting and my domain name registration.

I initially found this company when I was looking for a domain name registrar that I could trust to respect my values – that wouldn’t cave to any woke, cancel-culture mobs that might disagree with my peacefully-stated viewpoints and convictions.

So I looked carefully into various domain name registrars and read a lot of reviews. Eventually I narrowed my choices down to a few that professed to value freedom of speech, then further narrowed them down based on my personal needs and preferences.

After purchasing my domain name, I began looking into web hosting services also. I came to realize that in my case, OrangeWebsite was my best choice for web hosting as well.

Pros (What I Like Best)

  • They place a high priority on customer privacy.

  • They place a high value on freedom of speech.

  • They have excellent customer service, so far as I have experienced. When I have contacted them for information or assistance, they have been prompt to reply, pleasant, helpful, and determined to resolve any issues.

  • They have reasonable prices for what they offer.

  • They have a 30-day money-back guarantee for their hosting services – you can try them out and see if you like them.

Cons (For Me, Anyway)

  • Currently, the only payment options available are through PayPal or bitcoin – neither of which are my preferred payment methods. However, the bitcoin option does offer customers anonymity, which some people may see as a plus. (They also appear to be working on adding more payment options, so this may eventually be removed from the “cons” list.)

  • (This one started out as a con, but it technically isn’t one anymore.)

    I was concerned at first when I purchased my domain name and my receipt said “IceNetworks Hong Kong Limited.” I was concerned that the company had connections to China, which isn’t exactly known for the type of privacy and freedom of speech I was looking for. I immediately emailed OrangeWebsite for clarification. They promptly responded that it was only the payment processing that was going through PayPal’s Hong Kong base due to PayPal restrictions, and that they are hoping to offer clients more options for banking transactions in the future. This put me at ease and prevented me from deciding to change registrars.


Overall, I am very happy with OrangeWebsite for my domain name and hosting needs. Though they are not the cheapest registrar or hosting privider, I do feel that they are reasonable and that the price is well worth the value that they offer in privacy, protection of freedom of speech, and quality customer service.

I definitely recommend their services.

(The default currency is the euro, but you can change it in the drop-down menu.)

Closing Note

Have you used OrangeWebsite? What do you think of them? Let me know!

Rocking for Jesus with you,

Amanda Renée

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